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Channel 4 has acquired access to videotapes made at Kensington Palace in 19, in which Diana discussed intimate details of her personal life with her voice coach, the UK-based American actor Peter Settelen.

The contents of the tapes – described as “dynamite” by one TV producer – are so sensitive they have never before been broadcast on British television. The channel is so far refusing to say whether or not it will broadcast the parts of the videotaped confessions where Princess Diana discussed her sex life.

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Extracts from a series of video recordings during which Princess Diana discussed her sex life with Prince Charles are to be broadcast on British television for the first time.

The spokeswoman said: “At a time when everybody is going to be reflecting on her [Diana’s] life and the approaching 20th anniversary of her death, we feel it is important to hear from her directly, and we are placing her voice front and centre.

Last modified 19-Oct-2019 00:26