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According to Buzzfeed, Maddie Deming, a strategist for the group, said they wanted to put electors in the spotlight and “to hold them accountable for their decision.” Whatever the intent, the initiative has produced a deluge of threats. 6, 2017 in joint session to count the Electoral College votes (3 U. The obvious conclusion is that the Justice Department has done nothing to enforce Section 11b against those who have tried to intimidate and who have threatened electors with bodily harm if they vote for Donald Trump. Under Attorney General Eric Holder, the Civil Rights Division had the open-and-shut case dismissed because its “progressive” new leaders did not believe the Voting Rights Act should be used against black defendants to protect white voters.Electors across the country report receiving not only a flood of emails and phone calls to change their vote to Hillary Clinton but death threats as well. This radical position ignores the fact that the law is race-neutral and protects all voters.

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Each side claimed to be on the receiving end of threats allegedly made by the other.

Whether we believe them or not - and some claims may not be verifiable - their perceptions or claims of threats added fuel to an already-heated dispute.

Michael Banerian, a Michigan GOP elector, received some of the most extreme threats according to The Detroit News. This is supported by Section 14(c) of the VRA, which says that “voting” includes “all action necessary to make a vote effective in any primary, special, or general election.” Obviously, the votes cast by Americans on Nov.

Characters make death threats that they never seem to carry out.

A person's past behavior, however, is still one of the best predictors of future behavior.

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