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Several single dads called in to share their stories about what it’s like to raise children as a single dad. He is only 22 and has three children—the oldest is 7. And yet he finished high school and became an electrician despite the mother walking out on the family.He accepted the responsibility of caring for his three children, and he and his children are apparently doing very well. That need isn’t surprising because, as I shared with the listeners, single parents most need resources that meet their children’s needs.

It can sometimes feel like there are two worlds: the one that other moms and dads at your child’s school inhabit, and the isolated and often frustrating one you live in.

The game, which comes out on July 13 from Game Grumps, has you create your own dad persona, then date seven different dads, with mini-games, micro-games, and “so many Dad puns” along the way.

Families tuning in to watch this children's program will encounter a premature discussion on sexual orientation that is completely uncalled for.

I urge you to omit the scene in "The Loud House" featuring two dads or not to air this controversial episode at all.

Effective Parenting Support Groups — provide opportunity to interact with other parents and grow in your parenting.

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