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Today, the local burlesque dancer (who works as a cardiology nurse) and her union drywaller husband have transformed the vintage property into a vibrant space infused with personality and humor.

Jackson may be the only human ever to go two months without REM -- rapid eye movement -- sleep, which is vital to keep the brain and body alive. Conrad Murray said he gave Jackson to treat his insomnia is something a sleep expert says no one had ever undergone. Jackson was exhibiting were consistent with what someone might expect to see of someone suffering from total sleep deprivation over a chronic period," Dr.

Charles Czeisler, a Harvard Medical School sleep expert, testified Friday at the wrongful-death trial of concert promoter AEG LIve.

Murray, who is appealing his involuntary manslaughter conviction, has sworn that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment protection from self-incrimination and refused to testify in the civil trial.

There is a chance that Murray will be brought into court from jail to testify outside the presence of the jury to allow the judge to determine if he would be ordered to testify.

The ambulance driver took this picture we were just supposed to gave a fun night.

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