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Even once he had qualified, Marsh admits medicine still didn’t feel like a vocation.

''I was a bit disillusioned, sometimes bored,’’ he says.

The term should only be used selectively, but the quality of the screenplay used to produce "Sex Tape" creates justifiable cause to snort that word every second of the feeble film.

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"There are very few macho neurosurgeons," says Henry Marsh, one of Britain’s leading consultants.

''Heart surgery – now, THAT’S life or death stuff, dramatic plumbing, leading to actual cures.

The adjective "atrocious" was used in numerous film reviews in describing "Sex Tape".

Atrocious is such a jarring word, it sounds like it could tear skin if used too aggressively.

Near the end of the movie, when Clive is shown taking a phone call in the kitchen, the refrigerator behind him is the type that displays the temperature of the freezer and refrigerator sections on a front panel LED display, and the figures read "49" and "43" respectively rather than the below 5 and 36 or so for a freezer and refrigerator in normal use.

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