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climategate climate hoax Theistic evolution is a slippery slope to all forms of heresies, as We have oroved on this blog before, there is no independent and reliable measuring of the Age of the earth, simply because all the dating methods, especially Carbon Dating, are unreliable.[Video presentation of seminars 1-7], [Introduction to seminar transcripts], [Seminar 1: “The Age of the Earth”], [Seminar 2: “The Garden of Eden”], [Seminar 3: “Dinosaurs and the Bible”], [Seminar 4: “Lies in the Textbooks?You notice the center picture up there, the black lines are shifted toward the red side; and that's called the redshift. Why would some of these stars have the black line shifted over toward the red?

”], [Seminar 5: “The Dangers of Evolution”], [Seminar 6: “The Hovind Theory”], [Seminar 7: “Question and Answers”] Ok, let's go on to the question about the redshift.

“Doesn't that prove that the universe is expanding?

And you can kind of tell what's burning, because different things burn different colors, like copper burns green.

And each element produces a distinctive color and so they can kind of tell what's in the star and what it's burning by what color of light it produces.

Further right appeal supreme proof that carbon dating is false court spoke about the possibility of killing.

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