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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY COMMUNITY: Season two starts Wednesday.What can you tell us about the premiere and the upcoming season?JESSE MCCARTNEY: I think the big thing is we left last season with a cliffhanger.

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Meanwhile, she and I are about to start this budding relationship, and it’s that quintessential love triangle. Cooper is a way better choice than Josh, and I think the fans would agree.

I think the fans are in for some good, juicy drama, even in a 30-minute comedy. (Laughing.) No, I think there’s a lot of things to say about Josh, and I think it’s a tough decision for her.

, out on DVD January 24, tells the story of Eddie "Gonzo" Gilman who starts an underground movement to give a voice to anyone who feels like an outcast.

Gonzo's archenemy is Gavin Reilly, played by Jesse Mc Cartney.

Katie planned to tell him that she's braking up with him..then she called him in the toalette and she told him they're braking up because she's boring to have him as a boy.told him:now when I used you as a condom I'm going to throw you with all the other trash..

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