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Images of Jen out and about, running errands, and getting on with her everyday life.

And what’s even more rare, she maintained her hot figure with increasing age. She’s over 40 now and she still has the same flat belly and firm breasts as she once had on the beginning of her career when she played young Rachel in Friends (together with Courteney Cox as Monica).

Check also measurements of Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz.

Katy Perry Likes Having Orlando in Her Life Katy Perry likes having Orlando Bloom in her life and the singer has alluded there may be something going on between the pair despite them formally splitting earlier this year.

An Extensive Timeline of the British Royal Family The British Royal Family has a centuries-long history.

“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” star Ellie Kemper reveals that her husband’s proposal was less than stellar, but adds: “Bad proposal, good marriage!

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