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When the browser loads the page, it “reads” (another word: “parses”) HTML text and generates DOM objects from it. The HTML language is alive, it grows, more attributes appear to suit the needs of developers. For element nodes most standard HTML attributes automatically become properties of DOM objects. But the attribute-property mapping is not one-to-one! But technically no one limits us, and if it’s not enough – we can add our own.

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Current solutions tend to traverse through all child text nodes, individually testing them for matches, and then splitting the actual text-node into separate parts, wrapping the matched part in an a new element.

This is, without a doubt, a far better solution than the inner HTML/Text stuff above, but there are still caveats: These solutions tend to assume that adjacent text nodes cannot exist, and it’s true that they rarely do but if they’ve been dynamically added it’s quite rare that the guilty developer will have remembered to call Node#normalize.

By manipulating an element's inner Html you'll be able to change your text and HTML as much as you like.

Each HTML element has an inner HTML property that defines both the HTML code and the text that occurs between that element's opening and closing tag.

Here are the requirements for solving the “problem” correctly and fully: Using the steps above I wrote find And Replace DOMText which allows you to wrap regular-expression matches found in DOM text in any element you want.

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