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I recognise the irony of the fact that the first university in the world was established by a Muslim woman, yet today many are denied an education.

That the Prophet Mohammed fought on horseback alongside a woman, and yet now, many are told to stay in their houses and denied the right to drive Dear Muslim men, I still remember the day my mother was told her life was in danger.

Her right to exist on this earth was suddenly being questioned because she decided she was exhausted. Despite knowing she was potentially putting herself on the line, she stood her ground to claim what has been snatched from us.

Exhausted for all her sisters, mothers and daughters who are unfortunate enough to have been born with another X chromosome rather than a Y. This did not happen in a faraway land, but here in the UK, and the heinous crime my mother committed that warranted such a savage response was requesting her God-given rights.

Most of the rules related to zināʾ, fornication/adultery, and false accusations from a husband to his wife or from members of the community to chaste women, can be found in Surat an-Nur (the Light).

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