Infp dating infj

For INFPs, a full embrace of tradition can only emerge authentically after they explore it (and its alternatives) through the lens of Fi and Ne.Jean-Jacques Rousseau Philosopher and author Rousseau: "[My] heart [is] at once haughty and tender [and my] character effeminate, yet invincible." Rousseau: "[When under stress I thought of] the books I had read [and applied] them to myself.

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As romantics, INFPs may frequently fantasize about "ideal" relationships, wondering what else is out there.

However, their deep-seated love for their partners and their dislike of conflict will make them faithful and loyal.

They like to build very close bonds with people and cherish quality friendships.

They are considered the dreamers and always thinking about great possibilities in the future.

They like dates and relationship experiences that are traditional and where their selflessness is appreciated.

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