Hetalia dating sim game

In recent years, there have been many Role Playing Games that incorporate dating sim elements.

") In Hetalia Dating Sim: Canada, you are insert-name-here.

Your room-mate, Alfred/America, has talked you into going on a blind date with his brother Matthew/Canada, and if that sounds at all strange, then I should back up a little and explain that this game is a fan work based on Axis Powers Hetalia.

" England sounded like a mixture of both exasperation and annoyance."I don't need your opinion, , especially since we all know who you will end up with.""What are you talking abou-? " Canada walked over to where his brother was sitting."Canada," America's voice came out slowly. ""There's no bloody way I'm actually wearing this," England's voice was withdrawn and shocked. ""Brows, if we knew where our clothes were, we wouldn't be freaking out so much," Prussia scowled as he looked around the stall, but to his horror, their old clothes was nowhere in sight."Why didn't this happen to the others aru? on.""I don't know about you, but I doubt we can stand in these stalls butt-naked the whole day," England sighed, and Prussia could hear the rustling of cloth. The Japanese next to him was searching his person for a camera, later feeling disheartened upon realizing that he had left it at home.

"I think I finally know what a worst case scenario is.""Huh? ""Roma," Spain was holding back an angry Romano, who looked ready to pounce on Germany. I think it would be adorable if they got together~""Shut up Spain, wolves will spit out bread before that happens! Romano, will you please stop telling Spain to 'shut up'? "At any rate, I think it would be wisest to go back to the house. "Anymore arguing, and these Westerners will drive me crazy aru." Prussia placed his head on the tiled wall in front of him. "I won't leave the stall, but I'd rather not freeze to death.""Aiyah…" Prussia could hear China pulling their new "gift" on. At the same time, a flying Spanish man was found glomping a southern Italian, who promptly smacked him in the face.

The mission is to get everyone together and gain a deeper understanding of the various cultures. is one of the most interesting anime shows in terms of its concept. Yes, a real nation, like Russia or the United States or England.

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