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Dell Mini 3i X Android Smartphone The latter, the Dell Mini 3i X, we already came across once before on the Chinese market, but as is the case with the Chinese Apple i Phone 3GS, the Chinese model lacks the Wi Fi function.

Recent information on the Dell Mini 3i X would suggest that the Android phone is capable of making a Wi-Fi connection.

Some information was already floating around the Internet about Dell joining in on the Android race, and the most recent rumor indeed seems to indicate an imminent release of one or more Dell Android phones.

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The Pixi Plus is graced with the same 2.0-megapixel camera as its predecessor, but the new version also features automatic white balance and automatic exposure.

In general, we'd prefer to control these options, but the Pixi Plus' pictures are decent.

The Samsung Galaxy Spica, also known as Samsung Spica, Samsung GT-I5700, Samsung Galaxy Lite and Samsung Galaxy Portal, is a smartphone manufactured by Samsung that uses the open source Android operating system.

The phone is referred to as the successor of the Samsung i7500 and sometimes referred as Galaxy Lite.

Simply drag the files to the Pixi Plus, and they appear on the device correctly.

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