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In general, Tajiks like to speak about their life and country to others; they usually do not hide issues and are honest in their relationships.Subjects that may offend Tajiks are arrogance, flirting with the women at the first meeting, rejecting the offered food (one could take the food, but eat a little of it and say that he/she did it as a sign of respect, otherwise the person is either full of not able to eat the food due to health reasons).At Ethiopian, we excel at helping you find your match safely and quickly.

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The smallest, and poorest republic in Central Asia, it is sandwiched between notorious Afghanistan and China, but also borders Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

It is 93% mountainous and has some of the most audacious trekking on the planet and one of the world's best road trips – the Pamir Highway - but is it safe? With a low crime rate, a growing range of home-stay accommodation, a friendly population, a slightly less daunting government than some neighbouring countries this is a country that is keen to push forward and to welcome travellers, meaning that now it is easier travel around Tajikistan.

Common sense should guide your comments and questions.

The hospitality of Tajiks is legendary, and you should always respect your role as a guest in the host-guest dynamic.

There is a small, but growing threat of terrorism in Tajikistan in certain areas of the country.

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