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The profile serves as an individual’s digital representation (similar to homepages) of their tastes, fashion, and identity.In crafting this profile, individuals upload photos, indicate interests, list favorite musicians and describe themselves textually and through associated media.

There’s an entire generation of Internet users that won’t have much trouble remembering what Myspace used to look like.

If you close your eyes, you can probably conjure up an image of the standard profile page: the music player up top, the top friends box somewhere underneath, a simple text list of interests over on the left.

Trying to remember Facebook’s first design isn’t quite as easy–it’s changed significantly since its early days as an exclusive club for those with email addresses.

The point is that, for all its troubles over the last half decade or so, one of the biggest problems Myspace has had to face is just how vividly people remember it as a relic of an older age.

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