Freak free cyber text sex chats

Even so, too often online harassment escalates into real-life stalking, where its victims are largely female, and who occasionally become victims of homicide that started out as online "following" and badgering.

In the new Jason Reitman flick “Men, Women & Children,” a prying mom (Jennifer Garner) monitors every email and text message sent by her teenage daughter.

“You’ve read through every solitary interaction I’ve had on every single website, Mom,” says the indignant teen.

“People say, ‘I don’t want to spy on my kids,’ but all parents want their kids protected online, and as more and more people get it that they have to take precautions, the industry is growing rapidly,” says Josh Gabel, COO of Qustodio.

His company produces an app that parents can install on their kids’ devices to restrict their Internet browsing and to “monitor for signs of cyberbullying and online predators.” According to Gabel, at least 60 percent of parents believe they should have control over exactly what their kids do on their phones and other technology, which has translated to nearly $1 billion in annual sales for products like his. And while these parents might seem like the ultimate control freaks, recent news suggests they might have good reason.

A cyberstalker can also cause a lot of havoc in a chat group through flooding a target's Internet chat channel to disrupt conversation.

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