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Our diet plan focuses on macros, rather than food types.

The mechanism of working capacity of the proposed two-day program is based on a low frequency of muscular loadability, which ensures full recovery of injured fibers and, as a consequence, moderately productive muscle growth.

Bodybuilding program "Full Active" contains 7 different, but carefully selected sets of exercises, alternating every other day.

I then decided to tell each one that said how much they really liked or loved me that they had to show me a picture ID or license and a bill with their address on it to prove to me that they were who they said they were.

These men who were so in love or liked me a lot completely dropped off the face of the earth and even their phone numbers are changed.

“You wouldn’t show up for a date in your I’m-going-to-run-out-and-grab-some-toilet-paper-outfit.

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