Figure skater stripping

Figure skating had always seen its share of controversy, with the judges’ scores often highly criticized and political maneuvers between national federations known to occur frequently.

“I’ve been covering this kind of thing for about 20 years, and I think things are better for women,” Brennan says.

Even Danica Patrick (the fifth-highest earning female athlete this year) donned a muscle suit rather than a bikini for this year’s Super Bowl Go Daddy ad after female business owners complained about the sexist marketing campaign.

That really set the bar.”Empowering ads like Hamm’s set the groundwork for Olympic commercials celebrating women’s achievements you will see this week on TV, like the Visa ad that dubs Amelia Earhart’s voice over a commercial starring ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson. She had surgery and rehabbed her legs at an unprecedented pace to make Team U. Watch me fly," it reads."People are like, ' Well, you’re so young, you’ll have other Olympics,'" Hendrickson told the New York is the year to compete.'...

This is the first year women will be able to compete in the ski jump at the Olympics after a long battle for a women's version of the event. I see myself at the top of the ski jump in Sochi,” she says. v=IToc LRGQAek Commercials like these suggest that things have gotten better for women athletes in the marketing world.

Sochi 2014 ladies singles figure skating champion Adelina Sotnikova is reportedly among athletes under investigation by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) due to the manipulation of doping samples at the Winter Olympic Games.

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