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Renowned FOCUS missionary couple Kevin and Lisa Cotter have written a book that has the potential to revolutionize (or, at a minimum, ) the entire “dating” scene for Catholics, or anyone of good will, for that matter.In fact, an alternatively fitting term might be “courtship” scene; after all, Catholics should be more interested in marriage than in serial dating.Our modern culture would have you think that chastity is impossible – that we are little more than roving beasts of animalistic impulse, incapable of saving sex for marriage, or of abstaining from further sex once already in a sexually active relationship, or even of fidelity within marriage.

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“In a recent survey of college students, both men and women had nearly double the number of hookups compared to first dates.

How many reported feeling desirable or wanted after the hookup? In fact, about seventy percent of college students admitted that they would rather have a traditional romantic relationship than an uncommitted sexual one.” (page iv) If you are a Catholic who has graduated from college, chances are that you have heard of FOCUS (an acronym for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students).

This will help them stay away from pornography and online violence.

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