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They are listed from “No biggie, she’s just looking for a good time,” to “Whoa, now I have proof demons exist, space and time no longer have meaning.” 5. : More “party girl” than mythical demonic creature. Kendra: “I’m gonna get you drunk.” Brandon: “My roommates are going to kill me.” Kendra: “No one is going to kill you, you’re a grown-ass man, you can do what you want.” Was It Mythical Demonic Creature-ish? Offering a recovering alcoholic a drink is one thing, but using the whole “are you man enough? Sober sucks,” and then went on a bender (8 intoxication points).

And as if Mara’s demonic daughter “Kendra” didn’t do enough damage, the next episode he is being interviewed by a producer, and you hear the producer ask, “Any reason there is coke in your system?

Cut to this week, when by a complicated twist of circumstances, Chris was given a rose without winning a challenge, and presented with the opportunity to take any girl in the house on an individual date. And this isn't just about Chris playing the field, because he's admitted that he's not even to the first two girls anymore. I don't know, because he doesn't seem to be having any fun.

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The first thing of note about this challenge is that Ed actually won a competition and so did his partner Jaclyn.

They shared a baseball date, which made Sarah jealous and let us know that she was the one who hooked up with Ed a couple episodes ago.

However, she's not a great competitor, so Chris decided to stick with Blakely while simultaneously hooking up with Jamie and telling her he wants to be his partner.

I feel like this is one house, so if your partner was being a shyster, you'd know about it, but for some reason both these girls were adamant in their individual interviews that Chris is devoted to them, and solely to them.

There are so many hook ups on this show its hard to keep them all straight.

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