Double your dating price

Over the summer and into the early part of fall, I dated a guy — we slept at his place after nights on the town, carved out time for couple-esque weekend activities, and in general, felt high with the buzz that accompanies a new romance.

That feeling came to a screeching halt when I wound up in the ER where I was diagnosed with a UTI — and slapped with a four-figure hospital bill upon release.

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I started to do the math: Aside from the bill, I’d spent close to a thousand dollars on Uber rides, at least $500 on grooming (waxes, manicures, and pedicures), and plenty on clothes.

Not to mention dinners that were, frankly, out of my budget (because I felt obligated to keep pace with his spending on me).

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Om du blir för frenet att vara mycket specifik, måste du ha en ganska bra chans att ditt trafikflöde kanske inte är tillräckligt högt för att stödja ditt företag.

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