Dlinkddns not updating Free mobile sex msg chat

can anyone assist me on how to auto update these changes so i dont have to manualy change it on the website Thanks Hi there The original firmware was AF_1.65_R01 and was upgraded to AF_1.72_R01. I really hope you will be able to assist me with this issue.

I have to continuously go into the router and find the changed IP address and then change on the website.

It’s nice to know someone’s name, like Keith Rozario, but it means nothing in terms of contacting me if you don’t have my Phone Number.

So if you wanted to contact me with just my name, you’d have to look for something called a ‘phone book’.

However i can't do this, since i can choose server address from the dropdown list only, even if the User Manual says i should type in address manually - i just can't write into that field.

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