Dhcp not updating dns linux

The manpage for gives an example and, I believe, the standard contains a commented example.

On open SUSE setting the DHCP hostname in the interface settings doesn't seem to work you need to use the send host-name "hostname" feature of but beware that hostname should not be fully qualified as the example suggests.

Luckily for us, there's a tool that'll do that for us. No, you shouldn't use that key for your server ;) The last token in that file is the key (N8Hk...). nsupdate is the tool we'll be using to test if we have setup the server correctly.

dhcp not updating dns linux-11

Working client systems: Obviously the Windows domain workstations send the appropriate response to the DHCP server to trigger dynamic DNS update.

Our Linux domain clients (Ubuntu 14.04 and Cent OS 6/7) also send the appropriate response to the Windows DHCP Server.

Experiments: The Free NAS GUI has a section to setup interfaces. I noticed that there is an “Options:” field but no comments on what this can be used for.

I've tried a number of entries in this box but none seem to work.

Nor do entries in the “Options:” field propagate to /etc/

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