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Women make an assesment of the book cover, so to speak, before making a final assesment of your date-worthiness.

If you think that the macho man image includes stinkiness, you’re wrong.

With both offline and online dating, you have to take your time to get to know your filipina before taking the next step.

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Not because of winning but because of what the award stands for.

“Growing your personal success and projecting your talent”.

In my first email, I wrote in part, “In my books, I tell pilots that there are three ways to fly an instrument approach: 1. own navigation (or pilot navigation) to an IAF, and 3.

a third method, which appeared in the Aeronautical Information Manual beginning in 2006 that allows pilots to start at an IF under certain circumstances (see extract from my G1000 Book below).

It was awarded to me at a ceremony at the lavish RBS headquarters in the City.

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