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"She said if I was meant to die he would've killed me/ There must be a reason that I still breathe/ I don't have the tools to rebuild me/ But I still believe that one day I could feel free/ And my body can be mine again/ My eyes can learn how to shine again/ My inner child won't have to hide and then/ When I'm strong then love could be invited in." – From "Babygirl," by Brother Ali."My depression was brought on by an abusive relationship.

This song saved my life." "This song got me through my toughest times.

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This mesmerising loop of swelling melody and harmonies beats anything on Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks for harsh truths about broken marriage, especially when Agnetha Fältskog wails in punch-drunk resignation: “The judges will decide/ The likes of me abide.” Björn Ulvaeus resolutely denied that it was about Agnetha’s and his 1979 divorce.

GM Listen on Spotify Adams’s insistence on singing about his seemingly endless playground crushes can get more than a little wearing, but this – like most of the Heartbreaker album – sounds suspiciously like the real deal.

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In the most profound love, the first flush of lust is replaced by something less maddening, marked by trust, intimacy and commitment.

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