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RVing Women (RVW) PO Box 1940 Apache Junction, AZ 85117-1940 Phone: 888-557-8464 E-mail: [email protected]: RVing Women --- Loners On Wheels (Lo W) Lo W is an international singles RV club.

They have been serving single campers and travelers since 1969.

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When Charlotte Hagemann, a pumpkin decorator from New Jersey, rumbles into Slab City in her motor home each winter she sets up next to Carl Gross - a sturdy World War II veteran and her high school sweetheart. Yet even though these nomads are loners, they are far from alone.

But their RVs outnumber those of men at some gathering spots, and their blend of independence and moxie is on display to anyone who bothers to look."When people ask me where I live, I say wherever my motor home is parked," says Mary Richardson, a divorced grandmother and winter resident of Slab City.

Here in Slab City, a ragtag community of snowbirds near the Arizona border, there are no fewer than four social clubs, including the Wandering Individuals Network or WIN, sometimes referred to by the menfolk as "Women in Need."The Traveling Pals singles club charges $15 per winter for a communal P. box, and offers afternoon "happy hours" under the shade of a tarp and movie nights featuring DVDs played on a computer monitor.

There are plans to dance the night away at coming Slab City "prom." But many women reject any permanent arrangements that might tie them down.

"I don't go nowhere I need winter clothes."No one knows how many single women roam the campgrounds, roadsides, and truck stops of North America in motor homes and trailers.

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