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Don’t be offended when they jump out of bed on Saturday morning to cross some things off their to-do list. They Have No Time for Jealousy That limited time thing is no joke – if you’re still in that high school mentality of playing games, don’t waste your time with a YP.

They don’t have time for drama when there are so many deadlines to meet and goals to achieve. They Have Their Own Money The old school dating rules are way out-of-date for a reason, but they’re especially unsexy to a young professional.

If they chose you, it means you meet their crazy list of wants, so don’t play games or lead them on. These types want to date someone whose life is just as insane, busy, and challenging as theirs.

Have your own dream to focus on making a reality so you don’t get frustrated by all the time they spend working on theirs.

We asked 18 singles for their take on playing the dating game in Canada’s largest city.

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