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Being in his late fifties, Matt has rumors with every co-star he works with and then his wife is just too “supportive” of the image he displays off screen. Check out the entire story below: Anette Roque and Matt Lauer have been married for more than 17 years and are still going as strong as ever. Matt and Anette had a very very happy life after marriage where at one instance Annette nearly gave up on the relation and filed for a divorce. Ouch, Matt, we know that hurt, but well we don’t blame you for that, your wife once did.

However, they reconciled soon, and since then they have always had a very happy marriage. It is not unknown to everyone that Matt is a big soft-hearted when it comes to his co-stars be it, Natalie Morales or Lara Spencer. From Marathons to Triathlons; She’s done it All If our sources are to be believed the union of Annette, Natalie and Matt goes back to a decade when Natalie started working for the NBC.

Martha Kostyra, a beautiful Jersey girl from a staunch Roman Catholic, middle-class Polish-American family married part-Jewish Yale University Law student Andy Stewart in July 1961, Unlike the Kostyras, Stewart's was upscale.

She kept him waiting at the altar on their wedding day July 1, 1961, at St. Martha was then a student at Barnard, and trying to pursue a modeling career.

Yet the twist in the tale is Anette seems to have known about her husband’s weakness and did not mind Lara Spencer as much as she minds Natalie Morales in his life. Since then Annette has never been that fond of Natalie, and the cherry on the cake is the very fact that Annette witnessed Matt and a blonde haired woman holidaying together in the Hamptons. Anette got severely pissed at Matt and did not want Natalie Morales around him at any cost.

Possessive wife issues, maybe are what would be your first instance. Also Read: NBC’s Natalie Morales – Journalist, Actress, Model, Runner. In fact, being all so pressurized there is also news that Natalie Morales was fired from her Today show because of this very association and Matt Lauer was one of the prime reasons behind it.

With an unlimited number of other people on offer via the internet, there’s little incentive to work it out if things get tough.

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