Dating manulipation

I'm trying to modify the date using Simple Date Format and Calendar object. I guess I should return my method with Date type then change it into String in the method which writes into database?

It says: Incompatible types String cannot be converted to Date. This is my method Hi and thank you for your replies, Yes I tried changing return type into String but my database needs a Date type to be written into it.

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It all started with a swipe: a split second swipe ‘right’ that, in retrospect, I wish had never occurred.

Digital dating is a constant stream of faces and bios that you’re expected to sift through at a rapid rate, in the hopes of increasing your odds at finding that special someone. You’re put on the frontlines with no arsenal or strategy on how to approach the battle you face, because nobody can prepare you when the outcome is dependent on a stranger.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor While I believe most men and women have good dating intentions, a few individuals are indeed manipulative users.

They sour the experience of others and can ruin dating for everyone.

Connotations of deceit and underhandedness were natural extensions of the “indirect” aspect of the backstairs.

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