Chineese adult cams - Dating keen kutter pocketknives

wooden molding planes: #59 1/2 Roman ogee with fence marked 7/8 & 7/8 on heel, very good; #61 boxed Grecian ogee, very good; and a #62 1/4 Roman reverse ogee, light rust on blade, very good. Lot four wooden planes: two horn planes; one has iron marked GERMANY, very good; and one with radiused bottom, has a heel piece that will need to be re-glued; and two coffin-shaped smooth planes including: a SCIOTO WORKS #3 and a small wooden smooth plane, W.

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For the most part the list is not historical in nature.

It lists current brands and where the brand is currently being made.

The current list provides information on around 200 different knife brands.

Still this is not an all inclusive list of every brand name out there.

BARTLETT’S OHIO PLANES 1/2-inch skew-bladed rabbet with shoulder, very good; OHIO TOOL CO.

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