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They are less commonly known as “Kimono Lady” ware.

More than 125 patterns were made, but all feature Japanese ladies in brightly-painted kimonos, typically surrounded by temples, lakes or gardens.

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After having worked for Phillips for many years, our ceramics and porcelain expert joined Sotheby’s where he valued ceramics and glass from numerous famous collections and country houses.

Active in London and in the regions, he is still involved in major valuations in England and on the continent.

He arrived in Shimoda in 1856, but, lacking the navy squadron that strengthened Perry’s bargaining position, it took Harris far longer to convince the Japanese to sign a more extended treaty. Japan sent its first mission to the West in 1860, when Japanese delegates journeyed to the United States to exchange the ratified Harris Treaty.

Ultimately, Japanese officials learned of how the British used military action to compel the opening to China, and decided that it was better to open its doors willingly than to be forced to do so. 1860s to 1891First year of the Man'en era mission to America which was dispatched in 1860 by the Tokugawa shogunate (bakufu).

Persistent attempts by the Europeans to convert the Japanese to Catholicism and their tendency to engage in unfair trading practices led Japan to expel most foreigners in 1639. consul assigned to a Japanese port was Townsend Harris.

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