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I think I will be selling these as a pair for .00 These are NEW Surplus I can also put these 2 in a USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate box and ship to you in Australia for .50 So the package of 2 will be .50. Would it be possible for my parents to pick these up from you directly to avoid shipping?

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S.) and high power RF transmitters, as a display device in television sets and in microwave ovens.

Vacuum tubes, or thermionic valves, are arrangements of electrodes in a vacuum within an insulating, temperature-resistant envelope.

Following the demise of the company in 1999 it was reestablished by Phil Jamison, head of production of the original company. would mean the extension cabinet was made on Feb 7th, 2007.

Dating Matchless Amps “Hi, Sometimes dating Matchless can be difficult. However, all extension cabinets have serial number date . “A” would be the first cab of the day, and “B” would be the second cab of the day.

Their design and build quality was a rarity, even for back then.

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