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Patterns are just a shortcut to a validation...a convenience.So yes, we could just use regex instead but patterns are convenient :) and also make it easier for people who font get regex.close The Base of the Pyramid (Bo P) is a socio-economic concept that allows us to group that vast segment – over four billion – of the world’s poorest citizens.

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In January 2017 a report was completed by Dalberg Global Development Advisors on the current state of the SWE market.

This report analyzed 14 SWEs that serve a total of 3 million people and also undertook a global market assessment.

We select the best food from our shipments, pre-packaging it to give you the greatest deals.

Fare For All is community supported and open to everyone. Fare For All has thirty locations in the greater Twin Cities metro area where our food packages are sold once a month.

All our locations are cash and carry – there is no need to register in advance.

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