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If your boyfriend always keeps his word, you might be dating a real alpha male.

, but in real life, Sarah Hyland has been with one guy for nearly 3 years now.

Paige Chandler — Paige and David Castrohave been dating for a whopping five years, and they’re still going strong!

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features a talented group of leading males actors — who also happen to be quite easy on the eyes.

Let’s be honest; part of the reason you watch the show is because you love gawking at the guys (no judgment, BTW).

Nail-biters push themselves to the limits (hence the stress-busting biting habit) by pushing boundaries and going to extremes - which usually equates to passion.

It might not look attractive but it can mean they're a great lover!

The problem is, you think that person has to be older than you. Just as chronological age doesn’t always “cure” one of immaturity, a man can be all of these things and still be 24, 28, 30 (depending on what you consider young). You’ve told yourself you don’t really want a younger man. Regardless of how sexually permissive and progressive we think we are, there’s still a bit of eyebrow raising when a woman dates younger. And when I tell people that (if they ask or if it comes up), I either get a lilting “Reaalllly” or a “You go girl!

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