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The simple method I could think of is to store some kind of a 'rank' attribute in the table and query by sorting on that attribute.

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If you have written your own modules, and need to rearrange the order that your attributes or displayed in, or change anything else, you can use the following SQL statements to fix their order.

First you need to get the attribute group that the attributes are under.

The re-ordering would be using drag and drop and will probably be done in batches to prevent race conditions and such from the ajax requests. For a list of sequentially-numbered items, you can move an item up by decrementing its position and incrementing the position number of whatever the previous decrement came up with.

(In other words, item ) are a little trickier and have to be done differently depending on whether the new position is above or below the old one.

The rank of the items will be constantly changing and I need to keep the table updated. Assuming Amazon's Simple DB is similar to the typical RDBMS, you can then index this column and quickly satisfy all your above queries with the appropriate indexing strategy. Given that you expect high insert and update activity, but also relatively high read activity, I recommend doing the following: Ranks are modifiable.

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