Darwinian dating

As the ship circled the globe over a five-year period (1831-1836), Darwin puzzled over the diversity and distribution of life he observed.

Observations and collections of materials made during these travels laid the foundation for his life's work studying the natural world.

In 1907, Bertram Boltwood published an article describing a novel, radiometric method for determining the age of minerals - a method he used to date a rock sample at more than 2 billion years: to search the CAS databases for additional information about radiometric dating and evolution.

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Radiometric dating not only supports the geologic "evolution" of the Grand Canyon, it validates a central tenet in a much different theory of evolution - a theory introduced by Charles Robert Darwin in his 1859 publication, An important criticism of Darwin's theory of evolution was its requirement for "an almost infinite number of generations", when evidence at the time suggested earth was less than 100 million years old.

Nearly 50 years after Darwin published , research on radioactive elements in rocks provided the first reliable evidence that the earth was old enough to accommodate the evolution of complex organisms.

This social and political context, and its world view, provided a formidable obstacle to the development of evolutionary theory.

In order to formulate new evolutionary principles, scientists needed to: From the 16th to the 18th century, along with renewed interest in scientific knowledge, scholars focused on listing and describing all kinds of forms of organic life.

But his characterization of their views is so shallow and thin that it seems like he’s criticizing a caricature of evolutionary psychology.

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