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Centuries of business activities have made Kano very distinct around its neighbours, as a market place, in fact everything in Kano is 'sale-able' and every inch of space around the city is a potential market place.

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It’s sold by (short for TOTally AWesome) a restaurant in Kelapa Gading and you can totally order it for your next birthday if you like for Rp 120,000. Beneran sensasinya beda pas ngeliat indomie jadi cake.

Apalagi ditambah topping TOT Pedes, kornet spesial, sama kejuu.

Dangote and the game of shares Dangote is one of Mossack Fonseca’s most prominent clients and in Panama alone, based on company registration addresses provided by shareholders, 13 shell companies registered by the firm are directly linked to people and companies who in turn are linked to the billionaire and his allies.

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