Cystic fibrosis dating someone with cystic fibrosis online dating clowns

Because the mucus can block the path between the pancreas and the intestines, people with CF have trouble digesting food and getting the vitamins and nutrients they need from it.CF can also affect the liver, the sweat glands, and the reproductive organs.Relationships, as cliche as this sounds, are two-way streets consisting of both parties' needs.

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I met someone that is amazing and we have a lot in common. We have fun together and he is very accepting of my physical limitations. I know it has taught me more compassion and he makes me want to be a better person. Very tough I think you need to take a good, hard look at the reality of his condition and what you yourself want.

He told me a week ago that he has a illness that I've never heard of before. When I looked it up online, it said this illness is life threatening and the average life expectancy is age 37. I'm very confused if I should continue to seek a long term relationship (that's what he is looking for) or just a friendship. I'm very sad about the possibility of knowing that this will take his life but I also feel selfish about thinking about my own emotional needs. You also have to consider the vast array of emotions that you're going to feel when this condition eventually takes his life.

With this post, I want to share with you 15 different reasons why I share my disease with the world, and if you’re a person with CF, why I think you should too.

#15: Tell people about your fight with cystic fibrosis because you will feel so much better I never really had a choice.

This thick, sticky mucus clogs passages in many of the body's organs and infection sets in.

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