Combat ptsd and dating

Amazing men were lost, and amazing men were permanently scarred emotionally and physically.

Over the years I have watched him struggle and I felt helpless. I try to never question his actions or his feelings.

He’s more willing to share what it’s like in his mind.

We got to talking about what he wished others would know about his PTSD.

Perhaps love just made it that more fantastic or was just simply the other men (no, not a slut) were simply not that good in bed! He went back to Iraq, I went back to my deployment routine and we both managed to make it through another five months. Not sure what happened and for a long time I thought it was me.

This was before I started to notice the more serious issues of PTSD. It wasn't bad, just wasn't the "toe curlin', can't get enough of you" sex.

I always try just to be that listening ear he needs.

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