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"I saw that it's going to be be a (GOP) bruising primary and that would give me an opening." "I have no aversions to working with Republicans," Hutto said. Hutto said, if elected, he would work to bring more federal dollars back to the state and not spend so much time on television news shows like Graham. George Washington did not found this country to be the world's policeman." This is Hutto's first statewide race.

"If you look around South Carolina, we have roads that need improvement and schools that need repairs, and we're spending all this money overseas," he said. He considered running for governor in 2010, but he and other Democrats decided to back state Sen. "I think Democrats deserve to have a good quality candidate on the ticket," Hutto said of the senate race.

Hutto, an Orangeburg attorney who has served in the state senate for 18 years, said the divisive battle among Republicans over Graham presents a chance for a Democrat to win the seat that has been under GOP control for 50 years.

"I know South Carolina is a Red State, and Republicans have a leg up," Hutto said. senators from different parties, Republican Strom Thurmond and Democrat Fritz Hollings, for nearly 40 years.

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