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Of course, I'm totally hypocritical about this, hence the rarity of my responses.

And I'm not alone, particularly in my neck of the woods.

They've just given up hope after receiving their 9,000th copy-and-paste email from a guy who lives two hours away in New Jersey and clearly never looked at their profile, and they can't respond because they're out doing something better with their time. New Look, New Standards: We're Setting the Bar THIS High for the Guys We Date12 Signs You're Probably Being Too Picky Are You Too Picky on First Dates?

Part Three: Bumble It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single college student in possession of free time must be in want of a date. I went through the torture of joining five dating apps so you don’t have to. The Sites: OKCupid, Bumble, EHarmony, Match, and Tastebuds.

Tip: The free trial is great, but to really hook up you need to use the paid account (to bypass all the other men messaging the women).

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However, once I matched with people and came up with (what I thought) were some pretty good opening lines/questions, there were no responses.

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