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Relationship Expert and Host Gloria Mac Donald has helped hundreds of couples to find love and lasting relationships.

She, along with her fantastic guests, will give you the advice and wisdom you need to cultivate the perfect relationship.

So, where once a secretary might have dreamt of ensnaring her Mad Man, or a Mellors of carrying off a Lady Chatterley, now quacks marry quacks, politicos other politicos, and never the twain shall meet, let alone wed.

Why, even the Duchess of Cambridge, our own rags-to-riches, party-crowns-to-proper-crowns princess, attended the same university as her prince and emerged with the same class of degree – from St Andrews, since celebrated as “Britain’s top match-making university”.

“All my friends were married, I didn’t hang out in bars anymore, and I wouldn’t date clients and co-workers, so what could I do? She recognized the need for a new kind of dating service and launched her own highly personalized and successful Personal Relationship Executive Search firm.

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