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n.b.: these can also be compounded in French, i.e., "Putain de merde !" "Putain de bordel de merde" (for stringing these together, see the scene in the film Matrix Reloaded with the Frenchman (Merovingian) in the restaurant) Notes on Pronunciation:*To feel how R should be pronounced, gargle with water, then try gargling without water.

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By this point, Thomas had already skidded and crashed badly on the rain-soaked drop off the first major climb of the day, the Col de la Biche.

With his right side badly bruised and cut, Thomas began riding again, but abandoned shortly afterwards.

Therefore, no matter how much slang you use in your native language, limiting your use of slang in French (proportionally to your level of fluency) will also limit how much you are patronised and giggled at by native listeners.

To use slang efficiently, it is important to maintain a consistency of style.

Think of this less as a high concept premise than a tender and serious-minded joke that laces together Pierre's random encounters with strangers both male and female, whose often grumpy wisdom will bring him a diffuse enlightenment he doesn't yet know he needs.

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