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We suspect that currently most scholars underrate their popularity and ubiquity in this area of the world.

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And what do you think they'd do if you had a glass of champagne on a flight into the country?

uk have looked into the dos and do nots in Saudi Arabia - and it's a comprehensive list.

A British national who travelled to Saudi Arabia for a dream job has spoken of his experience at being propositioned by gay men in the deeply religious country. “Almost immediately I was made to feel uncomfortable. After all, it was a deeply religious Muslim country. If you are seen with a woman, it’s blatantly contravening the law.

Homosexuality and cross-dressing are illegal offences in Saudi Arabia and in some other Middle Eastern countries. They couldn’t have been happier that I had gotten a job out there. “The more I was approached, the more insidious it felt. But no-one blinks twice if you are having dinner with a man, or going into a hotel with a man.

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