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Houses with square walls were adjacent but the houses didn’t share common walls. Houses were planned separately and one house was built next to another whenever there was a need to do so.Because of the adjacent walls of the houses, there were no streets in the city.

Researchers from around the world have travelled to the site over the past half-century to study its vast landscape of buildings, remarkable ways of life, and its many exquisite works of art and craft.

"Since 1993, the Catalhoyuk Research Project has recruited an international group of specialists to pioneer new archaeological, conservation and curatorial methods on and off site.

The figurine, which is made of marmoreal stone and considered to be part of a ritual, was discovered by the international team of archaeologists working on site led by Professor Ian Hodder, anthropologist at Stanford University in the U. One of the world's first urban centers which dates back 9,000 years, Çatalhöyük is included in the 2012 UNESCO World Heritage List.

"Çatalhöyük has been the subject of investigation for more than 50 years.

Why do we want mapping to stretch back into prehistory?

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