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That has apparently changed, as Dovizioso’s win showed.

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And, today, we’ve had the opportunity for more in‑depth discussions about our bilateral relationship, about the European Union and, of course, about Ukraine. On our bilateral relationship, we’re both leaders who are taking the difficult decisions needed to build strong and resilient economies to create jobs and to create a more secure future for hard‑working people.

Here in Britain this week, we’re bringing in the most important changes to our tax system for a generation, including cutting corporation tax to 21% today.

Situated at Avoca Beach, on a leafy two acres in one of the Central Coast’s oldest homesteads, Bombini by Cameron and Hayley Cansdell offers modern Italian cuisine with an emphasis on fresh produce selected from Australia and Italy.

With a focus on sustainability for our land, the property includes on-site vegetable gardens and chickens.

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