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He’s always available to hang out and watch a movie, and he doesn’t care if you borrow his Baja hoodie for a few weeks.His constant one-liners keep the mood light, and he’s happy to be your boyfriend, hookup, booty call, or anything in between.

In between visits, we do talk on the phone, but the conversations are light, casual, and mostly about him. But you’re already in too deep and you’re clearly looking for a real partner.

I know that I won’t be able to get everything I’m looking for in one person.

On my first day at Boston University, I went on a date with the perfect guy: tall, beautiful, and fit, with a paid journalism gig.

He came straight from the Upper West Side in New York City with excellent taste in suits and pizza, and he treated me like a lady.

The Massachusetts Legislature voted March 29 to ban gay marriage and establish civil unions, approving a proposed constitutional amendment that would reverse the Supreme Judicial Court's historic ruling that legalized same-sex marriages. -- Missouri's governor and chief election official are sparring over the timing of a vote on a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

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