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Flash Apss are the following FLASH and PHP based applications: Audio/Video Chat, Audio/Video Instant Messenger, Video Recorder, Video and Music Players, Web Presence, Desktop Application, Shoutbox and Whiteboard which presents a site that is modern and full of features to communicate and have fun with.

To complete your Community site, Boon Ex also developed and integrated the Interactive Forum Script into Dolphin which supplements your site with the addition of a discussion place by providing groups and a forum. Look at how customizable and modifiable Dolphin is: Boon Ex is driven by its Unite People mission and despite the world’s current economic crisis, Boon Ex is working hard right now to bring you a revolutionary, new Dolphin version.

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We can develop awesome social networking, dating, community website and many more.

Simply, we can build our own new social site like facebook, twitter, etc with all the necessary features out of the box.

Here are some easy steps on how we can setup Dolphin Pro and build our own Social Networking site in a Linux machine.

First of all, we'll gonna install LAMP Stack, LAMP is the combination of Apache Web Server, My SQL/Maria DB Database server and PHP modules.

Dolphin is often known as the world's top social networking CMS so far.

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