Blokes and sheilas dating

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Dating in Australia depends largely whether you come from a city or regional/country area.

[downright ugly] Attitudes towards sex and dating are quite liberal and religion has little influence so Australian women have nothing to fear apart from pregnancy, s or having the nude photographs their boyfriends took posted on a dubious amateurs’ website.

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Remember that a beautiful woman can pick and choose her men.

You may get lucky and strike one that has a fetish for a sexy foreign accent, but it’s unlikely. Australian women are renowned for enjoying a drink or two, and binge drinking – especially amongst teenagers and women in their twenties – is an increasing and serious problem in Australia.

It's all about mates, music, a few beers and letting your hair down.2.

You don't need to drive a ute, but it sure helps if you do.

Dating in the cities is ritualized, competitive and full of players and poseurs; dating in regional and country areas tends to be much more down-to-earth.

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