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Laurel still hasn’t called her back regarding her new song which is technically Javier’s. The doctor suggests she needs to rest for two months are the baby is done-so. Back at West Bev, Naomi spreads her invitation and while doing so, Liam asks her if she still has feelings for Oscar takes Navid, Dixon and Teddy to some bar.

Employé chez Warner comme machiniste itinérant, Blair Redford s’installe ensuite à Los Angeles pour se lancer dans une carrière de comédien.

Ses débuts se font dès 2005, dans les soaps Les Feux de l’amour et Passions.

The Veronicas 1x23 Zero Tolerance The Script Environmental Hazards 2x08 Womens Intuition N.

- - -Tilly & the Wall 1x01 Were Not In Kansas Anymore Carolina Liar 1x15 Help Me, Rhonda 1x19 Okaeri, Donna! 4x12 O Holly Night 4x11 Project Runaway The All-American Rejects 4x15 Trust, Truth & Traffic Train 4x18 Blood Is Thicker Than Mud 4x20 Blue Ivy 4x23 A Tale Of Two Parties : 90210: 13 , -, , .

The episode began with Naomi and Jen with some lawyer discussing Naomi’s impending lottery win aka when she turns 18 and gets her money. Annie stops by Intellgentsia for some coffee and as she walks away and as the klutz that she is, she spills it to some guy. The next scene picks up with Jen cue cramps and then cue Ryan. She’s two months away from labor so him and Ryan panic as they bring her to the hospital. Jen and Ryan takes two step forward as Jen finally signs Ryan’s paternity test.

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